Monday, August 31, 2009

Positive Impact Fitness and nutrition....Your Journey to Wellness

As you may have heard, Huntington and its surrounding areas has been labled as one of the most unhealthy populated areas. In fact Huntington has the AP title of "Most Obese and Unhealthy Town in America". This is a large concern for the area that needs to be addressed and not ignored. This is an epidemic caused partially by the arrival of fast food, drive thru windows, and the way food is now proccessed from the last couple of decades. There seems to be one for just about everything from food, banking, to pharmacy needs. This has contributed to our sedentary lifestyle. In this area in particular, the rise of mental depression from lack of health care or the local job ecomony has further driven this home. We simply just don't feel like doing anything about it. I think it is time for a change.

I have been a fan of fitness and good nutrition for some time now. I had gone through a dark depression period due to some personal changes and not so happy life events that left me in the state of just being miserable. Instead of following the common route for controlling depression which is medication, I turned to fitness and healthier eating. I saw an infomercial for the program P90X and something about what the creator of the program, Tony Horton, said just grabbed me. It all made sense what he said. So I started and completed the 90 day program in 2007.

Since then, I have totally changed my body both inside and out through a balance of both exercise and good healthy eating. It is a daily routine that I take very seriously, my way of life. It has made me a well person both mentally and physically. No more depression and I have become a very positive person once again.
I am offering to your group my class called, "Positive Impact Fitness and Nutrition...Your Journey to Wellness". The weekly class itself is FREE. I am an Independent Coach for the company that produces P90X, Slim In 6 , as well as many other programs. I will have these programs available for purchase at the classes for those who choose to commit to a complete daily fitness program. There is literally something for everyone. From kids to seniors.

However, the main focus of these classes is to inform and teach people how to start making healthier eating choices and how they can combine a fitness routine with the nutrition for each persons own lifestyle and physical capabilities. I can help pick a fitness program for you. There is no obligation to buy one of the programs at all. I offer these because they are all great programs if you want to do a daily fitness routine. As I said, the main goal of this classes is to help people get healthier, one day at a time.

This class will be held for about a half hour to an hour one day each week. In this time, we will focus on a different aspect of nutrition or fitness. One week may be a presentation just on food and nutrition and the next time might be a short non- strenuous fitness routine. Or, we may all just go on a walk. There will also be demonstrations throughout the classes too.

Just for fun, every week, anyone that has commited to doing a daily fitness program can choose to participate in putting a small amount of money into a jar. this is based loosely on "The Biggest Loser". Two people, one male and one female, that have lost the most in fat percentage each week, will divide the money jar. We will also have fitness and nutrition games, that will have small prizes like water bottles, jump ropes, etc, something related to the subjects in the program.
Any sales that are made during the classes for Dvds, etc.... the church, office, or facility will receive a percentage.

If you or an organization that you are affiliated with would be interested in such a class or someone you know would be interested in this, please email me or contact me on facebook. This is not a exercise class, this is a learning program to help the people that attend apply healthy choices by showing them how.
Thank you !